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My Dad was in a car accident with my cousin and I don’t know when where and what happened because my cousin is only telling me that he died of prostate cancer and that the car accident had nothing to do with it and she wont tell me when, where and what happened. A Captain at the Villa Rica Police Department in the jurisdiction of my cousin’s residence was the one who discovered my Dad was in a car accident from the hospice who gave the Captain more information than what they were suppose to tell him. When I was told my Dad passed away it was 2 months after he had passed away which seemed odd. Then I got a call from debt collectors saying my Dad owed them money. I told them my cousin was the one who was suppose to be taking care of that. Ever since my Dad left California to stay with my cousin in Georgia because he didn’t want me to see his cancer metastasize , I never was able to reach him. My cousin never called me nor have I been able to reach her through Facebook or anything until yesterday when I had Villa Rica PD go to her residence to ask her where, when, and what happened with my Dad in that car accident and my cousin vehemently denied the car accident had nothing to do with his death but would not tell the police anything about the car accident nor myself when I spoke to her finally. I am trying to get closure on my Dad as to what really happened with the car accident and his death. My Dad retired from the military and when I went to get information, it hadn’t even been reported to them that he passed away and that was 3 months later from when he passed and I look up the law in the state of Georgia and it said the personal representative which was my cousin because my Dad made her the executor of the will, is suppose to report to creditors within 60 days after my Dad being deceased which my cousin didn’t do and report to the probate courts the inventory of the deceased within 6 months after being named the personal representative which neither was done and I had to let the courts know too. My dad left California in January and passed away Jun 21, 2017. My cousin hasn’t been brought up on manslaughter by gross negligence or obstruction of justice charges because there isn’t an open investigation due to a lot of questions that haven’t got answered like when, where, and what happened with my Dad in the car accident. I’ve called 6 police departments in Georgia and talked to over 10 law enforcement officers between detectives and dispatch to try to find an incident report because there isn’t an universal database but each police department has their own database according to their jurisdiction and none of them has the car accident report. I’ve spoken with the Coroner in the county where my Dad passed away and the funeral home and that was difficult in trying to get my Dad’s certificate of death so I could report it to the military that my Dad had died to shut down my cousin from abusing my Dad’s benefits. My Dad did not drive and gave up his car to his brother in Detroit before he came out here to live in California so to hear that my Dad was in a car accident concerns me that my Dad was trying to get away from my cousin. The Captain also told me that the hospice also told him that my cousin called social services because she wasn’t going to be able to take care of my Dad. This has been very stressful for me to deal with as I don’t want my household of wife and kids carrying this heavy burden but am left without an option to follow the rabbit down the hole because I am left in the dark and California is 3 hours behind the East coast, and when I call county to county in Georgia to find out if they have my Dad’s car accident, since I don’t have my cousin’s license plates, make or model of her vehicle, the officers say that they do this for a living and they would need more than just name and addresses to find out about my Dad’s car accident. I’m hoping to hire a private investigator who can gather this information so I can have closure with my Dad. The more I do this, the more emotional I am finding out I am still with my Dad’s passing because I thought he died from prostate cancer and now I don’t what catalyst was his death.   What makes this even more stressful is I am living in and out of a shelter with my wife and kids trying to get permanent housing through agencies for my own military service.  I am just looking for closure for the ones closest to me.

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